Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean the Toilet Bowl? (Answered)

Can You Use Fabuloso to Clean the Toilet Bowl

It becomes quite confusing when it comes to cleaning the toilet bowl. Right? Ever heard about Fabuloso Cleaner? Does it sound familiar? If not, know that you can use Fabuloso to clean the toilet bowl.

It is crucial to have everything clean and hygienic, especially the toilet bowl because it is used frequently. But there is always confusion about what to use while cleaning the toilet bowl.

But not anymore! Try using this product which gives the best results with an amazing after smell. So, now that Fabuloso cleaners are here, you don’t have to look for any second option.

Fabuloso in toilet tank hack

At the time of the pandemic, when everyone was cleaning homes and uploading these one-minute cleaning hacks on social media, some people did the Fabuloso in toilet tank hack, and it went viral, making Fabuloso the most tried product for toilet bowl cleaning. Everyone also had one question,“how good is it?”

Not only is it easy to follow the procedure while cleaning, but the blue-purple gradient liquid is also an effective cleaner as compared to other cleaners available in the market.

What happens if we put fabuloso in the toilet tank?

Though being a liquid bathroom cleaner it is more likely to be poured into the toilet bowl and flushed over to be cleaned, people prefer to keep the fabuloso in the toilet tank with the bottle.

But storing the bottle of Fabuloso in the toilet tank has its own problems. The most common problem that occurs is weak flushing. The bottle occupies most of the space, leaving less room for water to pass. This causes blockage and clogging, which damages the internal parts like the flush valve. A clogged system does not allow proper flushing, leaving the waste in the toilet bowl.

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The instructions on the Fabuloso bottle never say that you have to put it inside the tank. Instead, it should be kept out because the chemicals can deteriorate the tank and cause further damage in the long run.

Why should we not place bottles of Fabuloso in the toilet tank?

Think about the central purpose of the toilet tank. It is to store the water for flushing, right? Then if we place a bottle, the water area will be occupied leaving less space for water which means you will have to flush 2-3 times for proper cleaning.

The worst disadvantage of this is water wastage without proper cleaning. If you want to add the liquid in the tank that can mix with the water in the flush, that is fine, but putting the whole bottle is unnecessary and unadvisable.

Is putting Fabuloso cleaner in the toilet tank safe?

The thumb rule is not to put the Fabuloso cleaner in the tank because harsh chemicals can destroy the tank. It will cost a lot for replacement and cause a lot of inconvenience.

If you ask, “Is it dangerous?” then no, it is not. Don’t worry, it won’t blast or cause a chemical reaction that produces smoke, but it is cautious/safer not to put the bottle in the tank. Putting Fabuloso in a tank will not solve any of your problems; instead will create more issues.

If you are now worried about tank cleaning, then use some other cleaners for tank cleaning because putting the whole bottle with the slit or cut in the tank will make it unfit for use after a few weeks.

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How to Keep the Toilet Bowl Fresh?

Now, this is where the Fabuloso cleaner will come in place. Instead of putting the whole bottle in the tank, pour the liquid into the toilet bowl and let the blue-coloured liquid do its job.

It will efficiently clean your toilet bowl, leaving a pleasant smell and a fresh bathroom overall. This way neither will your tank get in touch with harsh chemicals nor will it occupy any space. In turn, it will leave a fresh toilet bowl for you to use without any hesitation.

Bottom Line

There are thousands of options available for bathroom and toilet bowl cleaning, but Fabuloso is one of the best products in the market, which got its publicity only from word of mouth.

So, yes, it is a trusted product which is safe to use and has a pleasant smell combined. Keeping it in the tank for a long time is not advisable since it can damage the tank, adding additional costs for repair and replacement.

Fabuloso cleaning properties make it one of the best cleaners of all time, tried and tested by millions of people, and if you are considering buying it, no more second thoughts are required.