Privacy policy

Thanks for joining the Everyday Cleaning Ideas communities. We are committed to giving you the best content that is most useful to you. In this community, we value your continued support; hence we take the question of data privacy and usage very seriously. 

Please read further for a synopsis of the website’s data collection, protection, and personal information policies.

What information do we use?

This website requires minimal information about the user to provide you with our quality content. We encourage you to engage with the community in the comments section of pages. For this, we only require your user name and email address for backend moderation purposes. We follow a strict policy of not sharing, exchanging, or selling your information to third-party handlers under any circumstance. The data you choose to provide us is only for optimizing your browsing experience. We offer a newsletter service, and hence, use the information to send out the newsletter content for the information purpose. You can choose to opt-out of the newsletter anytime by requesting via an email sent to info(@) 

How do we understand users’ data?

The information collected from users is employed solely for the following purposes:

  • Understanding the requirements and preferences of visitors to the website
  • Improving users’ browsing experience on the website 
  • Personalizing and suggesting content that is most suited to your query

What is our cookie policy?

The website uses essential cookies to gather information about your experience on the website and cater to your needs in the most efficient way possible. We also use cookies to engage users who have queries or problems with the website. Please note that web cookies are only activated with your consent. 

What do web cookies do?

With cookies, we can identify your web browser to analyze our website traffic. Cookies also collect data about your preferences and activity on the website. Data compiled through cookies may be shared with a third party analytics party for processing. Note that we do not share any personal information you may provide us with from a third party without asking for your consent. 

Advertisment services

Online advertising services like Google use cookies to understand your browsing preferences and show you the most relevant advertisements. You can choose to enable or disable cookies in the browser settings on your device. Cookies only use non personally identifiable information about your website use. Any service requiring your personal information will only do so with your explicit consent.

You can read more about Google’s privacy policy regarding advertising data here:

To opt-out of interest-based advertising by advertisers on our sites, visit

How long do we store your information?

We comply with regulations on the period of storing our website traffic data. We only store user information as long as it is still required for the purpose for which it was collected. Our storage systems are secure, and we take all measures to protect your data from unauthorized access. 

In case of discontinuation of the website, all information collected will be deleted permanently in an industry-recommended manner. You can also request us to delete your personal information like user ID, email address, etc. at any time. 

External links and sources

We use a variety of sources like government websites, scientific journals, news articles, etc. to improve the credibility of our content. We provide users with links to all sources used in the content. Please note the data protection policies of these websites may be significantly different from ours; hence we recommend users to use their own discretion in accessing these web sources. 

You can find a detailed overview of these topics on our terms and conditions page. We recommend that users read the document while browsing the website. 

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By using our website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Please note that none of our content is designed to attract minor users, and if a parent/guardian of a minor wishes to have their information removed from our databases, we will willingly do so. 

Changes in our privacy policy

Our privacy policy is subject to revision because of changing privacy and website use regulations. We will update our own policies to reflect these changes. We may or may not be able to explicitly inform you about the revisions made to the same; therefore we recommend that you refer to this page to check our latest privacy policy.

Please send any comments or questions regarding this privacy policy to info(@)

This privacy policy was last updated on 23rd May 2021.