How To Remove Mold Stains From Fabric – My Lessons From 100+ Experiments

How To Remove Mold Stains From Fabric

If nothing makes you as nauseous as mold growth, you’re my soul sister.

Mold may easily appear on damp fabrics or cloths if they are not properly dried. Mold can be dangerous and it may destroy the fabric if not removed properly.

I’ve lost a favorite white top to mold growth.

Mildew and mold can be extremely hard to remove, but it is possible. Here are a few simple and efficient tips on how to remove mold stains from clothes.

I’ve learned these methods through hundreds of trials, some successful, some not quite so.

Of course, only the best ones make it to this guide.

How To Remove Mold Stains From Clothes?

Here are some methods on how to get mildew stains out of colored clothes.

Removing Mold Stains With A Toothbrush

Check If the cloth or fabric has visible mold on it or not. If yes, scrape off as much as the visible mold stains. You can use a toothbrush for the process. Make sure to gently use the toothbrush to avoid damage to the cloth or fabric.

If you do not use the toothbrush gently, it may cause permanent damage to the fabric. Now, you can put the clothes into a washing machine. This will probably remove the mold stains and make the fabric look clean and fresh.

Wash The Cloth

Washing the cloth by itself may also help remove mildew stains from fabric for you in some cases. When you notice the mildew or mold on your fabric, immediately wash the item. If there is a front loader at your home, use it.

Make sure to throw in a few towels or rags in the front loader. When you do this, the front loader will use more liquid for cleaning. This will easily remove mold and mildew from clothes and fabric.

You might be tempted to use hot water when cleaning the fabric. But, trust me, it’s best to use normal water. This is mainly because hot water may make the mold stains even worse. So, always use water at normal temperatures when removing mold stains from fabric or clothes.

Allow The Fabric To Dry

Allow the cloth to dry completely and leave it undisturbed for a while. Do not use a dryer to dry the clothes, as it may make the stains even worse. Check whether the mold stains are visible or not. Unfortunately, if it’s still visible, move to the next step.

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Soak It

OxiClean, or a product with a similar formula, will do an excellent job when it comes to removing mildew from clothes. However, before you use OxiClean or any other cleaning agent, remember to soak the cloth first.

Soaking the item for a longer period of time will help you with the cleaning process. Once you soak the cloth, wash it normally, and leave it undisturbed until it dries.

Dry The Fabric In Direct Sunlight

You may have probably removed the mold stains from the fabric by now. Still, put the clothes under direct sunlight for at least a few hours. Now, leave the fabric undisturbed and let it dry. This will not just remove mildew spots from clothes. But, it will also remove mildew smell from clothes.

How To Remove Mildew Stain From Clothes

Wondering how to get rid of mildew on clothes? You will need to employ different methods to remove mold and mildew from different clothes. We have discussed some methods in detail here.

Removing Mold From White Cotton Clothing

Bleach is the best cleaning agent when you are looking to remove mold from white cotton clothes.

Prepare a solution of bleach with water. Use thrice as much water as the bleach. Apply the solution to the mold or mildew stain in the white cotton clothing. Allow it to sit undisturbed for quite some time.

Once it is dried, launder the white cotton cloth as usual. This will remove dead mold stains from white cotton clothing. Wondering how to remove mildew from laundry? You can use the same cleaning method.

How To Remove Mold Stains From Non-Bleachable Clothing

Here is a simple way to remove ammonia mildew or mold stains from bleachable clothing.

Remember that some clothes or items cannot be bleached. You should use lemon juice or white vinegar in such a case. Find a cotton pad and soak it in either vinegar or lemon juice. Now, place the mixture on the mold stain in the non-bleachable cloth. Now, leave it undisturbed for a few minutes.

Slowly remove the pad from the clothing item. Now, sprinkle a small amount of salt into the area. This will speed up the work of the acid. Make sure to place the cloth on a sunny spot and wait until it dries.

If the mold stains are still present, repeat the same procedure. Launder the cloth, as usual, to completely remove the mold stains. You can also use borax to remove mildew from clothes and fiber.

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How To Remove Mold Stains From Upholstery

Here is how to kill mildew from upholstery. Mold grows on upholstery only when they have the right conditions. For instance, it will not grow on synthetic surfaces. However, if there is a food source present, it will promote mold growth. So, if there are mold stains in your upholstery, here is how you can remove it.

Prepare a hydrogen peroxide solution and gently blot it on the affected areas set in mildew stains from clothes. Leave it undisturbed for a couple of minutes. Use a sponge or cotton cloth to rinse the solution from the affected areas.

This will remove the stain from the upholstery. If they are not yet removed, repeat the steps again and again. This will help you to easily treat mildew.

However, if there is a considerable amount of mold growth on the furniture, this may not work. In such a case, it is best to replace the furniture. Vintage, silk, wool, and antique upholstery should always be cleaned by a professional. This will prevent the chance of damage.

Removing Mold From Carpet

Are mold stains dangerous? Yes, they can be if not treated properly.

Wool and silk carpets should always be cleaned by professionals. However, if only a small area of the carpet is infested, you can try this on your own. Find a chlorine bleach solution and gently apply it on the affected areas. Make sure to test the carpet by applying a bleach solution to a small area. If it seems fine and safe, continue with the cleaning process.

Use a steam cleaner to gently clean the affected areas of the carpet. If you do not have a steam cleaner at your home, use a sponge to scrub the affected areas. Dip the sponge in a solution of water and liquid detergent for better results.

Prepare a solution for a household beach with water. Use only a small amount of bleach, but add a large quantity of water. Sponge the solution directly into the affected area. Let it sit undisturbed for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the existing moisture from the area with the help of a steam cleaner.

You should wait for the carpet to completely dry. This will prevent the chances of mold growth again. If there is any residual moisture present, use a folded towel over the affected area and stand on top of it. Wait for it to dry and wash the towel thoroughly before using it again.

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How To Remove Mold Stains From Walls

Cleaning mold and mildew from walls can be challenging. But, here is a simple method to help you completely remove mildew from walls.

Prepare a mixture of bleach with water. Use three times as water as the bleach in the solution. Apply the prepared solution in the moldy areas of the walls with the help of a sponge. When the mildew or mold stains disappear, use an old towel to dry the area. Repeat the same steps if you are still able to see mold stains on the walls.

Removing Mold Stains From Dry Clean Only Clothes

Removing mold stains from fabric, which are labeled as dry clean only may seem tricky. But it is really easy when using the following method.

Find a soft bristle brush and gently brush the affected areas in the dry clean only clothes. Make sure to place it in a plastic or cotton bag after brushing it. This will prevent the chances of spores spreading through the cloth. Use a stain remover and apply it to the fabric to remove the stains. However, you could also seek the help of a professional cleaner, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it on your own.

How To Remove Mildew From Baby Clothes

Identify the mildew or mold stains on the clothes of your child. Gently apply white vinegar to the identified mildew spots or mold stains in the clothes. Make sure to dilute the vinegar by adding it to water. Fill the solution inside a spray bottle and spray it on the affected areas.

Leave the solution undisturbed for a while. This will allow the enzymes included in the vinegar to work their magic. The solution will slowly remove the stains. However, if you can still see mold stains or mildew, repeat the process again and again.

You should launder the clothes once the stains are properly removed. You can use warm water and a detergent to launder the clothes. Make sure to place the clothes under the sun and leave it to dry for better results. This will make it easier for you to clean mildew from clothes.

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