Get Dog Hair Out Of Your Car: 10 Ways To Make Your Car Pet Hair-Free

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car - Clean Car Seat
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Loyal, loving, fun, and supportive. What’s there to not like about our fur buddies? 

But pet hair? They are a nuisance like no other.

 As if keeping the household furniture or upholstery clean wasn’t tough enough, pet hair also gets stuck in cars. They are on the seats, the car carpets, and also on the dashboard and in the glove compartment.

Whether you take your dog everywhere with you or they ride only on their way to pet parks, all pet parents have struggled with strands of stubborn fur in their car. 

How does pet hair get into every nook and cranny of your car? I am as clueless as you.

How to get pet hair out of your car? I’ve got solutions. 

I have spent hours getting husky hair out of my car and Googling the best way to get pet hair out of a car.

I tried out every possible trick, hack, and tip you’d find on the Internet to remove dog hair.

And now I’ve made a list of all the methods that work.

Bonus: These methods also work fine if you want to remove cat hair from your car.

Let there be cleaner cars…

1. Brush Away Pet Hair With Rubber Gloves 

There’s hardly anything that rubber gloves cannot help you clean. 

Dirty dishes? Check.

Toilet pots? Check. 

Pet hair off your car? Check.

The process is simple, don your rubber gloves and run your graze on your car seats in a top-down motion. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Pet hair will come off from the seat and into your gloved hand. Just clean the glove afterward. 

Also, if you have some stubborn dog hair stuck inside your car, you can either wet your glove or spray a little water on the seats. Water adds volume to the hair and helps get them off easily.

Don’t have rubber gloves? Sponges and wet washcloths also work great. 

But I recommend getting a special pet hair remover rubber glove, especially if your doggo is a frequent passenger in your car.

 2. Get The Cleaning Party Started With Balloons

I’ll be honest. I saw this one on TikTok. And at first, I didn’t believe it. But it is scientific and 100% effective.

Just take an inflated balloon and rub it over your car seat. The static electricity will get dog hair to stick to the balloon. Then you can just take out the balloon and clean it. 

I’d give five on five for loose hair. It isn’t for stubborn strands, though. 

3. Scoop Up Pet Hair With Duct Tape

Duct tape can fix everything. And it is a great fix for cleaning pet hair off your car too. 

Just wrap the duct tape on your hand with the adhesive side outside and pick all pet hair. 

It is inexpensive. It is fast. And it works. No reason to not give it a try.

4. Ensnare Pet Hair With Lint Rollers and Velcro Hair Curlers

 This one is especially for cleaning dog hair from the carpeting or flooring of your car. 

Lint rollers and velcro hair curlers can be used just like duct tape. I recommend leaving your clothes lint roller for the clothes and getting a specific one for removing pet hair. You can pick a non-adhesive one to do away with the task of changing the adhesive sheets. 

Also, I prefer lint rollers over velcro hair curlers as it saves me from the hassle of having to remove pet hair from the velcro afterward. 

5. Make A DIY Pet Hair Remover Spray With Fabric Softener 

Add 2-3 teaspoons of fabric softener to water in a spray bottle. You now have your DIY pet hair remover liquid. 

Just spray it onto your car seat, dashboard, steering wheel, or anywhere else.  Then wipe the places where you sprayed the liquid with a paper towel. Most of the dog hair will come out this way. That’s because fabric softeners have ingredients with properties that include loosening hair. 

Once you are done with this, vacuum away any stray hair that might remain. 

6. Glide The Squeegee On The Pet Hair-Filled Car Seats

Yes, that thing you use to clean the windows. The rubber blades of a squeegee work just like rubber gloves.

Just glide the squeegee on the seats and all pet hair will get collected in a heap at the end, which you can then easily remove. 

Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner after the process to make your car dog hair-free. 

7. Win Over Stubborn Pet Hair With A Wire Brush

For hard-to-reach and stubborn dog hair in your car, use a wire brush. Just run the wire brush on your car’s upholstery until you are sure all the hair is gone. 

Though remember to not apply too much force or you’ll ruin your car interiors. 

8. Pick Up The Pumice Stone To Clean Car Mats And Flooring

Pumice stones are an inexpensive way to get all stray hair out of your car mats and flooring. 

You can get the stone from a local cleaning supply store for less than $10. 

And all you need to do next is run the stone on the flooring and mats. If you are worried about the harshness of the stone damaging the flooring and mats, spray the fabric softener and water mix onto the targeted areas in your car.  

9. Depend On Dryer Sheets To Keep Your Car Clean

When you are running short of time, you have dryer sheets to the rescue. Dryer sheets can pick almost all pet hair off your car’s surface. And it doesn’t even require any vigorous movement. 

However, don’t forget to vacuum your car when you get time after using dryer sheets. It will help remove any remaining stray strands of dog hair.

10. Invest In A Specialized Dog Hair Remover

For dog dads and moms who love traveling with their floofs, a dog hair remover for your car would be a worthwhile investment. 

The brush is specifically designed to get pet hair out of the car. You can keep it in your glove compartment and use it as and when you want. Just make sure the bristles are strong yet not too sharp as to damage your car upholstery. 

Prevention: The Best Bet To Keep Dog Hair Out Of Your Car

To be honest, there is nothing that would stop your pooch from shedding hair. That’s just how they are. 

But a good diet will make sure they don’t have excessive hair fall. Also, here are 3 simple things to do to reduce the amount of pet hair in your car.

1. Brush Your Pet Before The Ride

Bath them too, if that’s possible. Then brush their fur coat. This removes any dead and loose strands of hair and reduces the amount of pet hair in your car after a ride. 

 2. Use a Car Seat or Old Towel

Car seats prevent dog hair from sticking to (and defiling) your car upholstery. You can simply take out the car seat after the ride for cleaning. 

Don’t have car seats? Spread out old towels on the seat. That also works just fine. 

3. Place Your Pet In A Harness or Crate

In some states, it is also necessary to have a harness for your pet while you are on the road. Or you can use crates to contain the pet and limit pet hair in your car. It is also great from a safety perspective. 

Best Vacuums For Pet Hair Removal

Vacuuming your car is the most important step for getting pet hair out of your car. It is a great addition to all the methods mentioned above.

But just any random vacuum cleaner won’t work as required. A vacuum cleaner with a specialized nozzle for removing strands of pet hair is what you need. Also, it should be portable, and handheld to reach every corner of your car. 

Now I know the market is brimming with products. But not all of the items you see on the shelves work as promised. To save you the hassle of testing and trying different vacuums for pet hair removal, I have curated a list of the top 5 options.

And you can easily buy them off of Amazon. Take a look:

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1.VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted Garage And Car VacuumMax Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 2
Bluetooth: Yes
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