10 Cheap DIY Dusting Spray Recipes to Make at Home and Save Money

How to make DIY Dusting Spray Recipes Easily

Dusting is a daunting yet essential task. You want it or not, you need to perform this almost every alternative day. To help you with this and make your job easy, we have jotted down 10 DIY natural dusting spray recipes.

These one-of-a-kind dust sprays will definitely help you in enumerating every spec of dust from your upholsteries and other essentials. They are free from toxic ingredients like DDT, hence they are safe for children and pets. Consider checking out this post further and get to know more about these safe dusting sprays.

How to make natural dusting sprays – the best recipes

 Make your dusting session safe and enjoyable with the following natural cleaning materials. Here you go!

1. Vinegar and water

 Vinegar has got the virtue of versatile cleaning. Its level of efficacy lies in cutting through grime and killing harmful infectant. Let’s check out the method of preparing this magical cleaning solution.


  • Water and Vinegar
  • Ratio: 1:1

Get a spray bottle, add an equal amount of water and vinegar, mix it well and apply directly to the dust on any surface.

2.  Olive oil, water, and lemon juice

Wondering how these everyday cooking materials can help you in removing dust from your home? Well, they can! Each element contains acid which cleans up the dirt and grime in no time. Let’s see how to make a perfect dusting solution using olive oil, water, and lemon juice.


  • A cup of water
  • A Spoon Full of lemon juice
  • Olive oil – One tablespoon
  • Three drops of jojoba, Rose, sandalwood, or any other essential oil of your choice.

Put all the ingredients in a spray bottle and mix it well. Sprinkle on dirty and dusty surfaces and wipe it off. This will not only clean but also make the surfaces shine. 

3. Citrus

A pinch of citrus can wonderfully expel dirt from your home. To prepare this, you need a cup of water, olive oil (two tablespoons), white vinegar ( ¼ cup), orange oil ( 15 to 20 drops).

Pour the solution into a spray bottle. Shake and spray on dirty surfaces. Wipe off using a dry cloth. 

4. Lemon Spray

The blend of lemon and essential oil can produce a reliable natural dusting spray. It works almost in the same way as the citrus spray does. An added benefit is your home gets a sweet aroma after the dusting session when you use this.


  • Distilled water one cup
  • Vinegar – Witch hazel half cup
  • A spoonful of sunflower or olive oil
  • Tea tree oil three drops
  • Lemon oil twenty drops
  • Liquid Soap one tablespoon ( Essence free )

Mix well and sprinkle on the dusty surface using a spray bottle.

5. A blend of Castile soap and water

Filled with properties of cleaning, Castile Soap is a great performer when it comes to house cleaning. The limit is not just up to cleaning but it also helps fight insects to a great extent.


  • A cup of distilled water
  • Castile soap measuring two tablespoons
  • Olive oil one tablespoon ( Extra virgin)
  • Lemon essential oil exactly three drops

Stir all the ingredients into a spray bottle. Target the areas affected by insects or filled with dust and spray on those specific areas. Use a clean, dry cloth and the results will be a neat and clean surface.

Now, let’s introduce you to some specific cleaners for wooden surfaces as you know about the general cleaning solutions. 

6. Recipe for your wooden furniture to gain back shine

Wooden surface demands delicacy while cleaning as strong solutions may ruin the furniture or flooring. Let’s find out some of the best DIY wood dusting sprays.


  • A cup of water
  • Half a cup of vinegar
  • A tablespoon of castile soap
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil
  • Three drops of lemon essential oil

Spend a few minutes mixing all the above-mentioned ingredients in a spray bottle. Reach out to the furniture you wish to shine and start spraying. Wipe off gently and it’s done! 

7. Recipe for wooden furniture dust spray – Aromatic

Many of you might wish of experiencing a good aroma after the cleaning is done. In this case, here’s a solution to help you with the same.

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  • A Cup of water
  • Two tablespoons of sunflower, olive, and grape seed coconut oil
  • Half cup of vinegar
  • Five drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • Ten drops of lemon essential oil

While mixing the ingredients in a spray bottle, keep a note of the quantity as mentioned above. Spray over your wooden furniture and wipe it dry. A clean surface with an exact fresh smell of cedarwood will be left behind.

So you have the ways now to make your wooden furniture shine. What about the wooden flooring? Come let’s find out!

8. Dust Spray Recipe for your wooden Flooring

A wooden floor is something that excels in leaving your guests open-mouthed with its elegance. At the same time, it keeps the room warm and comfortable. But despite its good durability, it’s vulnerable to scratches and dirt marks. None of us would like to leave it dirty so here’s the solution.

Use vegetable oil along with Vinegar. Bring in hot water and pour a little bit of both these ingredients into your spray bottle. As its wooden flooring, choose to use a microfiber mop to clean areas sprayed. Your floor is now ready to look clean and gleam.

9. Dust spray for wooden flooring with a teabag

There’s one more solution which is very common in our daily lives. Could you guess? Well, it’s teabags! Sounds surprising? It will surprise you the same way in terms of its cleaning potential.

All you need to do is to dip some tea bags into a bucket full of water. Put the water in a spray bottle and spray it over your floor. Use a clean towel or a microfiber mop to dry your floor with gentle rubbing. Be ready to see a bright and new-like shine on your wooden flooring.

 10. Dust spray for electronic appliances

To give your electronic appliances the perfect touch of shine, you can use this super simple solution. It works well on laptops, computers, phones, HDTV screens, and other home appliances.

Ingredients – Isopropyl alcohol and distilled water.

Alcohol is a wonderful cleaner. When you mix it with distilled water in a 1:1 ratio, it turns into a super-powerful cleaning agent that effectively removes dust mites. All you need to do is to take a spray bottle and pour the solution into it. Once done, spray it on the required appliances, wipe it off thoroughly and your job is done.

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So, these were the 10 best recipes that can help you to make your own dusting spray. Now the question is what’s wrong with the ready-made dusting sprays.  Why it is vital to avoid using them? Let’s find out the answer in the next section of this post.

It’s quite natural, that you don’t give the thought of choosing the right dusting spray much importance. For most of us, it’s all about getting a casual cleaning solution. But, is it really that easy? What if you unknowingly hurt yourself and your family’s health?

Did you know, the ingredients in store-bought dusting sprays can drastically destroy the wellness of human health? Let’s check out the reasons behind the same!

Ready-made sprays contents Hexoxyethanol

 Hexoxyethanol is one of the most common ingredients found in cleaning solutions which is used as a solvent. This F-graded ( by environmental working group ) causes severe skin irritation, allergies, and reproductive toxicity.

They contain ethoxylated alcohol

 The Environmental working group has given this compound a D because of its adverse effects on human health. It gears up the tendency of asthma, skin allergies, respiratory troubles, developmental toxicity, and even cancer depending on the level of concentration.

Artificial aroma

Fragrance is beautiful. But, is it safe for your health? Synthetic fragrances contain a number of bad chemicals that can trouble you with issues like respiratory problems, heart blockage, allergies, blood infections, and more. So it’s always a wise option to switch to the materials that come with natural aromas like essential oils.


 Hope this post helps now, throw away harmful ready-made dusting solutions and start using homemade, eco-friendly dust sprays. Enjoy clean and quality living without the chances of getting harmed by deleterious solutions. Go organic and stay healthy!